16 Running of the Race Around Briggs Mountain.
Race History

The   Race Around Briggs  was started in 1998 because the course is simply beautiful and should be shared with runners in the Hudson Valley. The course is a loop in the rural, hilly section of Northern Dutchess County. Race founder, Van Talmage, lived on the course, and first ran it as early as 1974.


Once, an old-timer from Red Hook, upon learning that RD Talmage lived in Milan, remarked: “Out there in the mountains, eh”. Sure enough, Milan has some small hills (Briggs Mt. is around 900 feet above sea level), but the key to this race is that the Roeliff Jansen Kill cuts through Jackson Corners, and this is the lowest  point in this part of town.

Van has moved south and has passed to honor of RD to Dan Miller, a resident and runner in Milan.  Sticking with the tradition of hosting the race from the RD's home, Dan has moved the start/finish to his place at 709 Milan Hill Road.  The change adds one mile to the loop for a total of 8.2 miles.  The start and finish are now at about the 1/2 way point of the old course. But don't worry the race still feature the same views of the Catskill and
Berkshire Mountains, wooded terrain, empty roads and some serious hills to climb.

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